You May Be Free, But I'm Freezer


New York City Ballet in Jerome Robbins’ The Concert

Photos by Paul Kolnik

I find music is a tap that I can’t turn off. And I know that at this point it’s very unwise to tune it out when it comes to you. So I wake up most days with a melody already in my head from somewhere in the dream state, and then I record it so that I don’t miss it. Then, for me, it’s a combination of practicality and a lot of whimsy. When writing, I adhere to the old adage that if you want to get hit by a train you better go stand on the track. There’s no substitute for just putting the work in and writing with a very concerted, focused effort. At the end of the day it all comes down to synthesizing a whole host of ideas, so you better have a lot of ideas at the ready when it comes time to put the little Frankenstein monster together.


Jean-Paul Mousseau, psychedelic fountains. Renderings for Y’67 Expo Montreal 1967, Canada. Black ink on photocopy. Never realized. CCA Collection – Read more: Lia Maston

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Adeline Jouan, Paul Barge and Augustin Lampreia by Fanny Latour-Lambert



@st_vincent: Thank you, Ohio, Florida, Nola, Austin, & Mexico City for an amazing time. Love!!!

Holla at that time I used to be into film photography and double expo n shit


City of God (2002)


City of God (2002)

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