You May Be Free, But I'm Freezer


Michael Ayrton (English, 1921-1975), Still life, 1954. Oil on board, 69 x 110 cm.


a.f. vandevorst | detail | fall 2013


help me, i am trapped

in a haiku factory

save me, before they

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St. Vincent// The Junction// 08/19/14


Absolutely NOT

is…. that drizz……???

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Incest is best

when your extended family 

are your ten fingers

and pride is my thumb and pinky 

reaching over an octave

and pleasure is

your middle and index fingers

making me reach an octave

and love is

my palms crushing keys, crushing chords

and love is

your palms placed and stable 

at both sides of my torso

You’re so, you’re so

to do

You’re so, you’re so

to do

To do! To do! 

St. Vincent. Nashville, TN. 2014.

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